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Golden Cafe Copper Medallion
Golden Cafe Silver Medallion
Golden Cafe Gold Medallion

      Golden Cafe medallions are given to designate friends and contributors to our theme camp at Burning Man. Medallions are ranked from copper (friend of a camp member or someone who made a minor contribution like a bag of ice), to silver (someone who made a major contribution like a bottle of good scotch or gourmet food), to gold (someone who made major contributions over multiple years), to iridium (camp member). Some medallions are adorned with an inlaid mosaic whose color indicates different camp functions, like the bar, the band, or the kitchen.

      The purpose of Golden Cafe medallions is simple - they show our appreciation for everyone, at Burning Man and in the default world, who helps us to make the Golden Cafe possible. Most importantly, our medallions form a sort of collective memory of all those amazing efforts that have been made over the years, ensuring that the medallion holder is treated with proper respect even when greeted by a member of the camp who joined long after the initial contribution was made. And note that our medallions are honored not just at Burning Man, but in the default world as well - wear yours proudly in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or any of the other major cities from which our members hail and you may find out!

      If you have one of these medallions in your possession, you will notice that the back of the medallion is engraved with two codes, one "PUBLIC" and one "SECRET". The PUBLIC code uniquely identifies the specific medallion, much like the serial number of a limited edition art print - you can let people know the PUBLIC code. The SECRET code is like a password associated with the PUBLIC code - you should never show anyone your SECRET code - and never take or post a photo of the back of any Golden Cafe medallion.

      Each medallion has a history of travel and ownership that you can view and contribute to on this site, and some medallions even have hidden instructions or goals, such as the many medallions scattered throughout geocaches around the world, with instructions to get them to a future Burning Man festival where the bearer will be honored at the Golden Cafe. To view the history of your medallion, to record the fact that you have taken possession of it, and to find out any special instructions associated with it, contact us!

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